Five Skills, That Make You Resistant To Stress.

There is no man in the world who has never faced with an influence of stress. Stress accompanies all living creatures from ancient times. Sometimes stress plays a positive role. But it happens when we are talking about a small portion of it. The problem of stress is growing very quickly especially in the modern world. First of all, it happens because of the very high speed of life. Other reasons are bad ecology, bad quality of food in general. These reasons influence not straight. And if many thousands of years ago the reasons for stress were only nature, nowadays people create conditions which lead them to stressful situations. There is no sphere where stress has never been observed. Not only people’s health but professional life suffers from it too.

Rigid deadlines, high expectations, failures - for all these things strong emotional background is demanded and in the end, it leads to guaranteed stress. But the work must be done and it means that deadlines and crises will never disappear. To overcome these emotional difficulties and at the same time don’t lose oneself the next useful skills will help.

success comes with anxietySuccess often comes with anxiety, doubts, and fatigue. Ups and downs are capable of taking persons off the road for a long time and force people to lose self-confidence and motivation. One should be stable emotionally in order to survive while on the way to settled objectives. An ability of a man to adapt to unfavorable conditions and much of stress psychologists call stability. It’s proved that people with steady psyche solve problems quicker and more effective, create positive interactions, they have adequate self-esteem and higher emotional intelligence.


A coach and a behavioral psychologist Melodie Uaylding is sure that stability isn’t a gift from heaven which is given to a few. Every person not only has a certain level of stability but also is able to understand how to come to a normal emotional state after the dangerous psychological shock and to learn how to calm down during the crisis. Only several skills must be taught to understand this.

Changing attitude to stress.

It’s impossible to avoid failures, but one can really change his attitude to them. Instead of thinking, those difficulties are a sign of failure or a threat one should try to think of contests as if they are the lessons, which persons must study. Such a way of consideration allows perceiving that all those failures are temporary and quite solvable. Do not ask yourself why this or that has happened. Ask yourself “what I can do with all this” or “what I am to understand from the situation”.

An ability to find a reason within chaos is of high importance for a stable man. Only those men become successful who can change their attitude to stress. Who can pluck up one’s courage using different psychological methods, change his thinking and go ahead not looking on troubles?

manage your emotions

Manage your emotions.

Some men react to a stressful situation with a burst of anger, others try to take away from the source of anxiety. None of this reaction is constructive. It’s always bad to go to the extremities. Observing only “black” or “white” never gives good results. People with a high level of self-consciousness and psychological stability first try to understand what they feel even if they don’t feel good. Allow yourself to operate difficult emotions like frustration, anger, sadness right. A method of “writing-unblocking” that is used in the training course can help. It allows to clear up your emotional experience connected with a problem situation and then you understand what to do next. Effectively managing emotions, you also will learn to highlight your position clear and self-confidently and at the same time to take into consideration your environment’s emotional status.

Act in conditions of uncertainty.

It is difficult and troublesome to make decisions in the situation of uncertainty. If such a situation happens, concentrate on the whole process without a desire to make it perfect. Remember your victories and point out even small progress. It allows becoming a self-confident man that can help in a difficult situation and gives an opportunity to overcome any crisis. Next time in a similar situation, you will already know what to do.

Take care of yourself.

A person should be healthy not only physically but especially morally Psychological stability demands energy that is supplied with regular events, which are aimed at care of yourself. There are several good ways to increase and support the level of energy. They are sports, healthy food, good dream, and personal development. Don’t forget of emotional happiness. It’s easier to solve difficult tasks when you’re well-fed, quiet and have taken a good rest.

take care of yourself

Create a friendly environment.

Persons must feel good not only at home but at work too. Positive, friendly atmosphere in an office is very important for a feeling of stability. After work, it’s also important to gather and to take a rest. Such informal environment allows to know each other much better. When times are hard don’t be ashamed of asking help from your teachers and colleagues. Ask for the help of your team instead of taking responsibility only on your own. A stable team provides good social and psychological support. It also makes your motivation to work good higher and lowers negative influence of stress. Good relationships, which are built at the very beginning of one’s career, can help in the future when you really will need the help of your team.

It’s vitally important to remember that your problems at work are not so big and critical in comparison with others. Every member of a company has its own responsibility and difficulties. It’s not possible to avoid troubles at work especially if you are a manager there.

Thus one who holds to advices which are given above to reduce stress can increase his professional level in any sphere of activity. So it’s very important to react right to stress without negative long-lasting effect on you. Acting like this allows you to deal with things, which you can do best.