Check It Out: Do You Also Need to Use A Hashtag Generator?

Do you use hashtags on social networks? Do you see the results of using them? Are you sure that you use them correctly? And are you sure that you use the right hashtags? If you have answered “No” at least to one question of these four, then you really need to read this article.

I’d like to share with you my knowledge about hashtags. They really have enormous power and for me, it’s really sad to see that many Instagram users just do not know about it.

I want you to know and follow the general principles of working with them (and what benefits you can get) and maybe I’ll succeed in changing your opinion about their usefulness.

But that is still not the end of my tasks. I know for sure that every IG user needs to master a special service or tool for hashtags. It is called a hashtag generator. Moreover, I know a number of tricks on how to define which hashtag generator has the most impressive capacities.

Are you ready to start? Then let’s do it!

Hashtags: a modern tendency or a must?

There are three categories of users on Instagram:

  • those who don’t use hashtags;
  • those who put tags but do not know what for (just for fun);
  • those who understand the entire potential of hashtags and successfully utilize their power.

hashtag generatorIn case you run a private account where you publish your pics just in order to keep your memories in one place, just like in a digital family photo album, then hashtags really don’t play any role for you.

But if you are a manager of a commercial account or position yourself as a blogger and you are dreaming about the promotion of your IG acc and build your own army of supporters, then the situation is absolutely an opposite one.

In this situation, you have to care about the category you belong to. I recommend you to do your best to replace the first or second category (if you belong to one of them) with the third one. Please, pay your special attention to the fact that it is necessary to apply hashtags in such a manner that they can open new horizons for you on IG.

Hashtags are something like a bridge between your acc and other users who may get interested in your activity. Namely, via tags, those people who have never heard about you and have never seen your account will have a possibility to notice you.

And we can even put it another way: they can not only notice you but also join the rows of your followers. Just remember: if they have found you via tags, there is an extremely high probability that the topics that are covered in your posts are interesting for them.

Why hashtags are important

Why hashtags are important

In general, they should represent a category that your post is referred to.

Many users, who try to find something on Instagram or are just interested in some particular topics, enter hashtags in the search box to see the posts that potentially represent some value for them.

Moreover, some Instagrammers even follow tags in order not to miss interesting publications. Yes, at the current moment, Instagram provides such an opportunity.

It means that to widen the reach of your pics you need to place hashtags in captions.

As you know, it’s not difficult at all. But to understand what hashtags should be used is a more challenging task (However, don’t panic! I’ve promised to tell you about a hashtag generator, you will see that even the most challenging tasks can be solved easily).


How to understand whether a hashtag is suitable for you

For example, if you post a recipe of a cake there are at least two variants of hashtags that come to my mind. I think that you may have also already guessed. These two most obvious variants are #recipe and #cake.

But what about such variants as #recipeofcake #cakerecipe and dozens of others that may have something in common with your post?

Yes, it is practically impossible to foresee all the tags that can potentially be beneficial for you. You may occasionally omit really valuable ones.

When you choose a hashtag based on your intuition only you can never say for sure whether it’s really worth using it (there is a chance that nobody uses it for searches).

If you use only popular hashtags (like #picoftheday) that have nothing in common with your post itself, it’s highly possible that your publication will just get lost and nobody of the users who should see it will have a possibility to do it.

So, the main thing that you should find is the right balance between popular and niche hashtags. Only this balance will guarantee that you will reach precisely your TA.

Nevertheless, I know what can help you in this very case and ensure the highest efficiency of the tags used. This service is called a hashtag generator. Have you heard about such services?

How does hashtag generator work? (And what for?)

If you need to have working hashtags (we’ve just agreed that everyone who is trying to promote his or her account needs to use hashtags as a promotional tool), then you should turn to a hashtag generator.

Is it complicated to use such services? Of course, not! These services are built to facilitate your life. That’s why when somebody wants to understand how to make up a hashtag generator, these people do not have an aim to create problems for you. Vice versa, they are trying to provide you with a solution to your problems.

As a rule, there are three variants for you if you want to find appropriate hashtags.

Option 1. Keywords

If you want to find good tags for your publication, you may just enter a keyword. What does it mean? If it is a pic of a cake and its recipe, you need to enter the word “cake” in order to get the appropriate tags.

They can be, for example:

#yummy #food #cakedecorating #instafood #instacake #birthdaycake #cakesofinstagram #delicious #dessert #cake #kingcake #cakes #cakery #cakep #pieceofcake #cakepops #cakecakecake #cakefaceconfession #cakeporn


Option 2. Photo

In case you are not sure what keyword you should indicate you can just upload a pic that you are going to publish. AI-based algorithms will analyze it and offer you a list of relevant tags.

Option 3. Link

But what can you do if you have already published your posts without tags and now want to update it? It’s not a problem, don’t worry. Just copy the URL of your post and add it to a hashtag generator service. As well as in the previous case, it will analyze the photo and show you a range of tags that you may use for it.

Benefits of a hashtag generator

  • You save your time.

You don’t need to waste long hours trying to analyze what hashtags are popular among your audience and potential followers. All you need to do is just to copy the offered tags and paste them to your captions. Can be anything easier than that?

  • You save you money.

While trying to find out what is the best hashtag generator, pay attention to the cost of these services. Maybe you will find it unusual and surprising but the services of a hashtag generator really can be absolutely free! So, it means that for using an amazingly resultful promotional tool you do not have to pay anything. It sounds rather appealing, doesn't it?

  • You ensure the highest efficiency of the used hashtags.

Using such a service as a hashtag generator you will know that you really use those tags that may bring you new followers. The service will offer you only really popular tags that are relevant for your publication.

  • You can see the result really fast.

Hashtags are able to bring your audience just immediately. When people see your post (and they definitely will see it if you place trendy tags), they can like it, open your account and press the Follow button. As a result, you will enjoy the growing number of followers and the increasing engagement on your acc. Isn’t it just what you want to achieve?

Other ways to attract followers

But are there any other ways to make your audience expand? Definitely, yes! And I will share them with you. Nevertheless, please, don’t think that if you choose some other strategies for your promotion, you can easily forget about hashtags. Please, don’t do it.

When you are trying to promote your account, you should bear in mind that the best strategies are those that represent themselves a combination of various approaches and hashtags can be a good addition to any other tactic.

Dream Big

If you want to make the number of your followers higher, I recommend you:

  • to pay attention to the content that you share;

Today, when Instagrammers have become extremely demanding, you need to choose carefully what you share with them. This principle is applicable to both visual and textual part of your publication. Create interesting posts that may be valuable for your audience.

  • to create engaging posts;

Don’t forget that to make your publications more noticeable for other users, your publications need to be approved by the algorithms applied by the platform. The more users like your posts and comment on them, the more other users will see your pic in their recommendations on Instagram. That’s why you should find ways to ensure this engagement. Ask people to answer your questions in the comments, ask them to share their opinion or to offer their ideas and make some small gifts for them for their activity. Don't hesitate to use your imagination! Stay creative!

  • to organize contests and giveaways;

The idea of this tactic is very close to the one that I’ve described above. You need to motivate your followers to stay active (and even to attract their friends to your page). Don’t offer any complicated rules! Otherwise, nobody will get interested. To tag a couple of friends in your comments will be just enough for you to get participants. Then randomly choose winners. People adore such activities, I swear.

  • to establish interesting collaborations;

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting your Instagram journey or whether you can already boast a million of followers, collaborations are still able to drive your promotion. The main principle is just to try to find partners of your level. As a rule, such collabs work better and your potential partners are more likely to accept your offers.

  • to use Instagram stories;

Don’t be too annoying! But a couple of stories per day is always an awesome idea. First of all, in stories, you can announce a new post (some people can just lose it in their feeds). The second possibility that you have is to attach a link to your catalogue or site that in your opinion your clients or partners should visit. Thirdly, you can use stories to boost your followers' activity (just create a poll, for instance).

Instagram Stories

I’ve mentioned only 5 ideas on how to attract a great number of followers not to mention hashtags. Without these tactics are the most effective ones. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn’t try out other things. Vice versa! On Instagram, everyone should be ready for experiments. Without any doubts, it is a must! Don’t be afraid of something new, fresh and unknown. If these things don’t work, just don’t use them anymore.

What you should remember

To cut the long story short, I’d like you to remember some key points:

  • A good hashtag generator can really facilitate your life. With it, your promotion can become much more efficient.
  • While trying to find the answer for yourself on what is the best hashtag generator app, pay attention to its functionality (a possibility to generate keywords by keywords, pics and URLs) and price. There are absolutely free good generators, you are not obliged to pay for the quality.
  • Those who really have an aim to reach success on Instagram, do not need to focus on one promotional tool only. It is sensible to find sophisticated combinations of various approaches. But please, never forget about hashtags.
  • Hashtags are useful not only for new accounts. Even accounts with a million audience use hashtags, because when it comes to followers, it can’t be enough. Moreover, you can introduce your individual tags to facilitate navigation on your page. It could be also an awesome idea!

I hope now you know what benefits and new amazing opportunities a hashtag generator can offer you. So, it’s high time for me to wish you luck and a constantly growing audience, of course.