How to increase click through rate

1 Simple Trick to Improve Your Click Through Rate

Your click through rate is not hiding with Bigfoot


Tips for increasing click through rate

Getting a better click through rate isn’t always easy, but there’s no reason to beleive it’s impossible to achieve.

It seems like anyone who currently has trouble with their click through rate regards it as some elusive mythical beast. As if it is impossible to catch, or maybe it’s just a legend and they’ll never find it.


Contrary to popular belief it is possible to improve your click through rate without getting a certification in internet marketing.


Most people overcomplicate improving their click through rate

The problem often is not so much in people not having the education to create compelling ads or articles. More often than not, people just overthink it. They think that you have to lay out a complex strategy using the latest analytics tools to figure out what people are clicking on and why.


Don’t get me wrong, having those tools and building a good strategy are great – but not totally necessary. Remember, we’re looking for an improved click through rate, not the best click through rate ever recorded.


What makes YOU click on a link?

This is the way I approach building things like meta descriptions, ads and even my tweets. If you want people to click on your link or visit your site, you need to provide a good reason for them to do so.


What makes you click on a link? Is it the in-depth description of the product? The fancy vocabulary used in the text? No. You click on the link because you see potential value in it. Essentially the advertiser has convinced you that the time invested in visiting his or her site will be worth it because the content provided there will benefit you in some way.


Speak in a way that makes people want to listen

So how can you make people see the value in your link? That’s easy: just tell them how it benefits them. Think about why you clicked on the link to read this article. Chances are you have a less than amazing click through rate right now and you would like some advice on improving it. Since this post is all about improving your click through rate, that’s exactly what I tell people they will find when they visit my page.


If I just tweeted a link to this article that said “Get a better click through rate,” you probably wouldn’t click on it. Why? Because it doesn’t make you want to listen. Instead, if I tweeted “Use this one simple trick to double your click through rate” you would be much more likely to listen because it accomplishes these three things right away:


  • Establishes the value of the link by directly stating how the article can help them
  • Dispels any fear that the solution is too complex (“one simple trick”)
  • Gives you a definite “return” on your time investment (double your CTR)


So when you see that tweet, you instantly know that what I’m going to tell you is not so complicated that you won’t understand it, and it probably will not take very long. It also establishes that applying this “one simple trick” will have a large enough impact on your click through rate to make reading the article worth your while.


How you can use this to improve your own click through rate

So what can you do to apply this and get a higher click through rate? Instead of writing tweets, meta descriptions and other copy in a dry, un-engaging way, write in a way that makes your readers want to listen. Show them the value of clicking on your link. Explain to them why they should take the time to read your article or look at your product. Show them that your product is made for them, and that they can directly benefit from using it.


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What have you found improves your click through rate? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.


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