how to get over writers block on your blog

How to Overcome Writer’s Block on Your Blog

Consistently creating great content creates consistent creative pressure

Try saying that 10 times fast.


Most business owners and entrepreneurs understand the value of having a blog on their website. Writing for a company blog is especially helpful if you are a freelancer or consultant and do not have the big-brand identity of a larger agency


The problem most entrepreneur bloggers face is this: what the heck do you write about?


How you can overcome writer’s block

Writer’s block is a tough obstacle to overcome, especially when it comes to writing for your professional blog.


I’ve always struggled with choosing topics for my own blog(s), so I wanted to share a few of the helpful resources I make use of in my work. These resources are not your average quick fixes for writer’s block. In fact I do not think I’ve ever seen these suggestions mentioned on any other articles about overcoming writer’s block.


1: Impact’s BlogAbout website

Impact has an excellent tool called BlogAbout. This tool automatically generates various blog titles within a few different categories. Each title has one or two blank spaces where you can fill in a specific topic for the post.


Even if you do not use the titles generated by BlogAbout, the site is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.


BlogAbout does have a feature that allows you to save your blog titles and email them to yourself, but I can never seem to get it to work. If they could make this feature functional it would make their service even better!


2: Search Reddit and Tumblr

This one can be a little harder to use – not because Reddit and Tumblr are less effective at curing writer’s block, but because it’s easy to get sucked in and waste time!


Reddit and Tumblr offer a huge variety of content. The next time you are suffering from writer’s block, head over to one or both of these sites and search for a broad term related to your niche. Once you have your results, just start browsing around and reading posts.


After a while you can start thinking about ways to adapt the topics you find on Reddit or Tumblr to your blog.


One of my favorite ways to cure writer’s block is to go on Reddit and browse the /r/entrepreneur or /r/smallbusiness subreddits. In these areas you can find a wide variety of problems that business owners are facing, and I often use the problems people share on Reddit as a topic for a blog where I help them solve that problem.


3: Read someone else’s blog

This one might seem unethical, but it really isn’t.


With such a saturated market when it comes to online content, it is very difficult to ever write something completely new. In fact, most of the greatest writers we know of ‘stole’ large parts of their work.


“Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.”

– Aaron Sorkin


Although plagiarizing someone’s work is never a good plan, it’s perfectly fine to use a similar topic and put your own spin on it. Try browsing blogs that are related to your niche and look for topics that interest you or that you have a thorough knowledge of. Then look for ways that you can provide a fresh outlook on that issue and start writing!
I hope this post helps you to get your creative juices flowing the next time you’re struggling with writer’s block! What methods do you use to snap yourself out of writer’s block? Let me know down in the comments!

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