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Book Review: Personal Finance for Dummies – By Eric Tyson

Finances are something that all freelancers worry about.


Between worrying about the where the next paycheck is coming from and trying to make sure the current paycheck is spent wisely, it can be a real challenge to keep your personal finances in order.


Personal Finance for Dummies Review

That’s why having books like Personal Finance for Dummies are great to have around.

Now, books on the topic of personal finance abound. There’s certainly no shortage of books of varying lengths and levels of complexity that will be happy to whip your personal finances into shape. However, in my experience the “For Dummies” books tend to be very well thought-out, and provide plenty of detail without overloading the reader with extraneous information. I’ve found that most other books that cover rather complex topics (like personal finance) tend to provide plenty of information, but fail to bring the writing down to the reader’s level.


Personal Finance for Dummies has no such issues

Personal Finance for Dummies, by Eric Tyson is a surprisingly engaging read. Normally I wouldn’t use the words ‘engaging’ and ‘personal finance’ in the same sentence, but Personal Finance for Dummies is actually quite good at keeping the reader interested and providing solid information at the same time.


Personal Finance for Dummies covers everything from budgeting, to investments, to buying a home and getting a loan, to planning for retirement. And the book covers all of these topics without making you want to pull out your own teeth (extra 10 points for lack of tooth pulling!).


The book keeps a very lighthearted, humorous tone throughout. The book is also written in such a way that you can skip ahead to any section without needing the information presented in previous sections. Although it’s always good to read the book all the way through, it is nice that it can be used as a quick reference if that is what the reader needs.


Although Personal Finance for Dummies is not specifically written with freelancers in mind, it does give consideration to small business owners and sole proprietors, so the information still relates to freelancers remarkably well.


Overall: 10/10

Personal Finance for Dummies is an excellent book for anyone who needs assistance organizing their personal finances, or for anyone who just wants a handy reference to use when needed. The book is extremely well-written and is easily relatable to ordinary people (by ordinary I mean people who are NOT CPA’s). I highly recommend that any freelancer or small business owner read this book!


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Personal Finance For Dummies

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