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Saturday Morning Marketing – 15 Minutes for 25 Leads

Here we are, another beautiful Saturday morning in Western Kentucky. Normally I’d spend my time on days like this either sleeping in or taking a long walk in the local park. Instead, I’m working on acquiring new leads for my business, for free. And the best part? At the time that this blog post is published, I’m more than likely doing one of those two things, as usual.


How is it possible that I’m marketing while sleeping, you ask?


No, I have not broken any laws of physics, made a breakthrough in quantum mechanics, or become some type of split-personality marketing monster (although that would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it?).


Actually, I’ve just learned how to use my time more wisely when it comes to building my business and marketing my services. To be specific, I’ve learned to leverage the best online marketing tools for free, while only spending about 15 minutes per day doing it.


I’m one of those people that will spend way too much time looking for ways to save time or money on my business. Even though that might sound a little counterproductive, I enjoy it and it tends to have a pretty good payoff when I find a good solution. In this case, I turned my attention to my online marketing strategy. I won’t claim to be amazing at online marketing, but I like to think that I can hold my own when it comes to devising an online marketing strategy, finding the right tools for the job, and putting those tools to their proper use.


In this case I’ve found that social media management tools can be easily leveraged as extremely effective online marketing tools (big surprise, I know). Just hear me out.


In my opinion, one of the best online marketing tools I’ve found has been a service called HootSuite. HootSuite is a social media management platform that allows you to integrate with all of your social media accounts to bulk post updates, schedule posts, and even track the clicks and impressions generated by those posts. I use the free edition of HootSuite, but the premium version has a lot of awesome features that I use for a larget client of mine, and if your needs justify paying $15/month for the premium version, it’s totally worth it.


Now, imagine what happens when I pair HootSuite with a few links to my landing page, or when I schedule a few posts that extolling a new product or service that I’m helping to market? In just a few extra minutes per day, I can schedule 5 or 6 posts that link directly to my website and help me to get more leads.


The catch with this strategy is that you CANNOT SPAM POSTS. I work very hard to keep my social media accounts free of spam and to make sure that the content I serve through those accounts is useful and relevant to the individuals who follow me. This helps to build trust with my followers. If my followers trust my opinion, they’re more likely to have a good attitude if I direct them to a contact form, or an affiliate link, which in turn, means that I’m more likely to get leads and sales by marketing to my followers on those accounts.


That’s great, but how does this 15 minute online marketing strategy work?

I’m glad you asked.


Suppose I take 15 minutes every Saturday morning to queue up 8-10 posts on my social media accounts. I already know what my followers are there for, so I know exactly what kind of posts to schedule. I usually grab a few good articles from my RSS feed and share them to make sure I provide diverse content that is valuable to my followers. After that I’ll follow with a few posts linking back to a specific article on my blog, or to my contact page. Then I finish out my mini online marketing campaign How to Get Started With Online Marketingby scheduling posts with 1 or 2 links to affiliate products or services. Again, be careful with this last part, you do not want to come across as spamming people. Make sure that the affiliates you link to are legitimate and relevant to your followers. In that short span of time I have accomplished three things: 1) I have built up my credibility by sharing great content that I myself enjoy, and that my followers will probably find useful. 2) I have mixed in some of my own content so that I can show my followers that I really do know what I’m talking about. Having the credibility mentioned in step 1 really helps with this, and gives your opinion a lot more weight. 3) I have used the credibility built in steps 1 and 2 to promote product or service that I think would benefit my followers.


These three accomplishments build your brand, give you credibility as an expert in your field, and provide worthwhile content and products that benefit your audience. If that’s not great online marketing I don’t know what is.


So where are these leads you speak of?


An excellent question, my young padawan.


Let me answer that by asking you this: if you’ve consistently seen that an individual is competent, cares about your wants and needs, and works hard to provide quality content that benefits you as a person, who are you most likely to go to when you need a service that this individual provides? I thought so.


But so far, this is all theory right? Okie dokie, let’s bring out the big guns: math.


Lets say you spend 15 minutes once a week (on a Saturday morning perhaps!) doing exactly what I’ve outlined above. Next, let’s estimate that 500 people will come across each post through their feeds, retweets, replies or hashtags (which is pretty conservative, depending on the popularity of your account). Then let’s assume maybe 10% of those people actually view your blog or contact form, either by a link in your post or by a link in your bio.


So: 500 x 10 posts x .1 = 500, obviously.


Now, let’s say roughly 5% of the people who view your contact form actually decide to get in touch with you (again, conservative considering these people already know and trust you to some extent).


500 visitors x .05 = 25 people who are definitely interested in a product or service you provide.


Now, would you say that spending 15 minutes scheduling posts that you don’t have to manage is worth 25 leads? I should think that it is.


Of course, I’m oversimplifying this a bit. You have to be careful what you post, how you post it and when you post it. But that’s for another blog post altogether. The main takeaway here is that you can implement this ridiculously easy online marketing strategy to quickly and easily get many, MANY more leads!


The cool part about this strategy is that even if they don’t click a link to your about page, they’ll either click a link to another blog, or they’ll see an affiliate product you might get a commission off of. The benefits of the latter are pretty obvious (in case it wasn’t obvious, the benefit is that you get paid), so let me explain why it’s a good thing that they see another blog.


If you do this long enough and post links to the same ‘pool’ of blogs consistently, those blogs will start to notice that you’re sending them traffic. At that point, there’s a relatively good chance that they will look at your blog themselves, which if you’re lucky, might result in a really good backlink or the opportunity to work with a larger blog. If you’re nice to these blogs, they may even promote your blog through their own social media accounts.


Even if you get NO leads from this method (which I find to be kinda unlikely) you’ll still be building your audience as well as your reputation, which will make it easier to get leads in and of itself.

Check out this course on how to get started with selling on social media!

Can you think of a way to improve this online marketing strategy? Let me know in the comments what you would do different or what has worked for you in the past!

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