What's the Essence of Instagram Sponsored Posts?

Every day, millions of people go to Instagram to get a new charge of inspiration and express themselves through images. From the very beginning, brands have been an essential part of this community. Today, more than 80% of Instagrammers follow companies accounts. The platform helps them to build relationships with customers, inspiring them with interesting and relevant content. One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of brand campaigns on Instagram is to work with influencers. It allows people who follow popular accounts to learn about new products and services from those who they trust. That's why Instagram sponsored posts (or branded content) appeared.

What is branded content?

Branded content is the content of a blogger or publisher that mentions a business partner (i.e., brand, company, advertiser). In this case, the content is created under the influence of the partner on a mutually advantageous basis. Simply put, the company pays to celebrities, opinion leaders, or an information media platform, and they create copyright material that is dedicated to the brand or mentions it. That’s what we call Instagram sponsored posts.

Back in 2017, we tested new tools for working with branded content on Instagram. In particular, opinion leaders now can add a special tag "Paid partnership with" for sponsored posts on Instagram to their paid publications, and advertisers can view the statistics of such publications. These tools help to clearly identify branded content and increase the level of trust in the Instagram community.

Recently, Instagram introduced a brand new approach. Now there appeared a completely new type of content - Branded Ads. Advertisers can promote organic publications of authors with branded content as advertising in the Feed.

What's the peculiarity of the branded content?

Such content is more like hidden advertising and not just publication. This is understood by both the advertiser and the consumer. A person, of course, sees that with all the benefits that are inherent in the post, there is still a propaganda content. Why spend money on such content? Isn't it better to manage the budget in favor of advertising?

Instagram sponsored posts

There are 4 advantages of branded content:

Benefit is a key factor in all content marketing, and it works here. The follower understands that the advertising component will be presented in an article or video, but he also realizes that there is a benefit incorporated into the post as well. That acts as a stimulus.

Attracting audience attention. The main thing is the brightness and unusualness of such content, due to which followers select posts among hundreds of others that flash in the Feed. To achieve this effect, marketing methods (studying the target audience and the market), dramatic methods (working out the conflict, characters, problems), and directing methods (selection of actors, locations) are used. It is important that Instagram sponsored posts go straight to the heart of the target audience.

Confidence is formed in the company as an expert in its industry. It increases loyalty, develops a positive image, and builds up a reputation. As a result, branded content leads to an increase in audience reach.

It is clear that the advantages will not go in vain: for the development and implementation of publications, you will have to pay a high price. Long-term interaction with the audience is important for building trust and contact. It is challenging to do a sequential series of talented creatives.

How to get sponsored posts on Instagram?

If you want Instagram users to tag your company as a sponsor, you need to approve branded content.

Instagram applies a special algorithm for creating tags, positioned as a method of protecting brands. So that one and all who are not lazy enough can not use their tags.

The algorithm for approving branded content for business partners on Instagram looks like this:

  1. Go to your profile;
  2. Next, click on the menu and in the "Company Settings," select "Branded Content Approvals."
  3. Creators of materials are added there, and in the future, you don't have to confirm each time you agree to post a tag in their posts. This can be done through the option "Only approved marks," which displays authors who have sent a request and are awaiting confirmation;

  4. A notification is sent about the tag placement in posts on the mentioned account. The owner of the profile can view the statistics of the record. It displays classic metrics: reach, engagement (likes, comments), number of clicks, responses, and exits to Stories.

how to do sponsored posts on Instagram

Don’t worry, you have a possibility to delete such a post. For that, you need to:

  1. Check out the post;
  2. Click the menu (three dots;)
  3. Select "Remove me from the publication" and confirm.

That is all.

How to do sponsored posts on Instagram?

There is nothing challenging in creating such a post.

  1. Create a post, make it amazing. It can be a Feed or Stories;
  2. Click Next and then Advanced settings;
  3. Find Tag Business Partner button;
  4. Choose the brand you'd like to mention.

If you are approved, it's great. But if not, do not panic. Contact this brand and just ask for approval! I’m sure they will do it.

All these functions were available two years ago, now both influencers and brands have broader possibilities.

Now brands can make an ad out of your sponsored post. You have two options: to allow it or not. To allow the promotion:

  1. While preparing a post, find Advanced Settings button (when you write a description for a post;)
  2. Tag your brand as was described above and then click Allow Business Partner to promote.

sponsored posts on Instagram

Final note

It is so obvious that Instagram sponsored posts is a cool and efficient promoting instrument. It increases target audience loyalty and trust. But it worth remembering that it is effective only when the author is properly and successfully chosen. Thus, even taking into account that there are millions of users who visit Instagram daily and approximately 80% of them follow business accounts, it's much easier to reach their hearts through popular people, bloggers, and opinion leaders. People trust them; they admire them and always listen to their advice. So do not miss the chance!